Available Jobs in Canada Are Now on Freeze; Find Out Why.

Many were repelled due to temporary suspension of foreign workers in Canada. Those affected are the several jobs in fastfood industry – attendants, helpers and related profession. This is due to the contentions to TFWP. As such, several jobs are no longer qualified for LMO. Said suspension greatly affects foreign workers especially Filipino workers.
Either it is a benefit or a disadvantage of hiring foreign workers. A benefit to Canadian employers due to the fact that most foreign workers are paid less…but is a disadvantage
because these foreign works might be taking the jobs which are supposed to be for Canadian people. And that may be the reason of the said “allegations of abuse.”With the said suspension, a lot of reactions prevailed especially to those whose applications are already in but then were cancelled.

Listed below are those among affected jobs are:
food counter attendants
kitchen helpers and related occupations
restaurant and food service managers
food service supervisors
food and beverage servers cashiers

Mostly those Jobs are related in the food chain and services industries. Check out also the full list of available freeze Jobs in Canada

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