Stop Hiring and Affected Jobs List in Canada

Lot of us are wondering about the recent news of Canada stop hiring for Filipino people, This case are in very sensitive matter due to lot of Filipino workers will definitely lost their Jobs . Few of my friends who wants to work in Canada are thinking if they're are also affected of the said news and worrying what are those job are affected. If you are looking for the list of available Jobs in Canada to be freeze you can check it out below.
List of affected Jobs in Canada: 
food counter attendants; kitchen helpers and related occupations; restaurant and food service managers; food service supervisors; food and beverage servers; cashiers; chefs; cooks; bakers; sales, marketing and advertising managers; retail trade manager; accommodation service managers and other services managers; retail trade supervisors; executive housekeepers; dry cleaning and laundry supervisors, and other services supervisors; technical sales specialists on wholesale trade; butchers, meat cutters, and fishmongers (retail and wholesale); sales representatives in wholesale trade (non-technical); retail salespersons and sales clerks; maĆ®tres d’hotel and hosts/hostesses; bartenders and other personal service occupations; grocery clerks and store shelf stockers, and other elemental sales occupations; security guards and related occupations; light duty cleaners; specialized cleaners; janitors, caretakers, and building superintendents; dry cleaning and laundry occupations; and ironing, pressing, and finishing occupations and other elemental service occupations.

Find out why Canadian government investigate this matter and why they'd wanted to freeze those listed jobs.

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